Here are a selection of money saving toys which are suitable for 5 year old boys. 

Marble Run

The Galt Super Marble run has been reduced from £19.99 to £14.99.  
This is great toy for 5 year old boys. 

Build up the marble runs in all kinds of different constructions and then have fun running marbles down them. 

The set includes roundabouts, 8 marbles, paddle wheel, step pass and tubes. 
You can build simple structures to begin with and make them more complicated as you get better. 

Games for 5 Year Old Boys

There are quite a couple of games for 5 year old boys on offer. 

Charades for kids is a fun game. Non readers can act out the pictures on the cards such as lions, dogs or cats. Readers can act out simple scenes such as eating spaghetti. It's currently been reduced to £6.49. 

A classic games which you can pick up at a good price is Connect 4. Great for 5 year olds to learn about planning ahead and strategy. They may need a bit of help to play the game at first but it won't be long before they'll be trying to beat you! 
Looking for some last minute Christmas gifts for 5 year old boys online. Check out these offers on gift ideas.

Stomp Rocket

This is an excellent offer on a stomp rocket for 5 year old boys. Reduced from £11.99 to £5.99. This is such a fun gift that everybody (adults and kids) will want to have a go. Stomp on the pump at the bottom of the rocket to see how high you can launch it into the air. I've got one for my son. 

Games for 5 Year Old Boys

There are quite a few fun games for 5 year old boys that you can pick up for a bargainl.

Charades for kids is a fun game. It's a take on the game of charades for children For non readers there are visual cards to act out like lions, dogs and cats. For older children you can act out eating spaghetti or doing up shoe laces. A great game for 5 year olds to play with the whole family. Currently reduced to £6.50 from £9.99.

Connect 4 is a classic game which has been reduced to £8 on

Cars 2 Toys

You can save up to 30% of Cars 2 toys at the moment at 
I really like the atlas toy - reduced from £17.99 to £10.99. Very educational too. 
Here is a quick round up of some good offers on toys for 5 year old boys. I've only had time to write a couple today, but there will be more to follow. Also some of the offers from the October post are still valid so keep reading and check them out too. 

Marble Run

The marble run is a great construction toy for 5 year old boys. You can build different marble runs and the run marbles down them. At the moment the one featured has been reduced from £19.99 to £14.99. 

Disney Pixar CARS Lego

There are some offers on Cars Lego on Check out some ideas below which have as much as 50% off at the time or writing. 

Roald Dahl Collection - 15 books for £15.99

I have recently discovered the website The Book People which has some amazing offers on bundles of books. One of the best offers is you can currently get Roald Dahl 15 books for £15.99. The books include classics such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach and more. It's a saving of 

Other great offers by the book people include:

There are lots of great offers for adults and kids at The Book People. It's well worth a look, especially if you are buying early for Christmas. 

Toy Offers on

Toys R US

There are a few offers at Toys R Us too. Get 10% of Toys R Us brands of toys  by entering 'RBRANDS' at the online checkout. Only available online. 
You can get £15 off a creative value pack of lego. There are actually 2 sets of lego included in this pack, with a total of 969 pieces. It includes various bricks, windows and doors to create houses, wheels to make vehicles and airplanes and eye bricks to build animals. It's been reduced from £49.99 to £35.99, so really does represent good value at the moment. 

Charades for Kids Game

Charades for Kids is a really fun family game. Kids have to act out what's on the cards. For younger children, there will be pictures of a lion, dog or a cat to act out, so they don't have to know how to read to play the game. For older children they can act out cards such as eating spaghetti or doing up shoe laces. At the moment it's reduced from 9.99 to 5.98. The reviews are good too. I've just bought one of these as a Christmas gift my own son. 
I love these kinds of games. They're great for teaching about taking turns, winning and loosing as well as having fun. Games are also great for learning new vocabulary and concepts and building confidence.  
I've also just bought the glow in the dark stars as a stocking filler for Christmas (I'm starting early this year!). They contain over 1000 glow in the dark stickers which I know my boy will love. You should probably think about where they will stick these stars. Will you mind if they put them on the ceiling or walls of their bedroom? A bargain at £2.49
There are some great end of season offers on outdoor toys. You can get a Little Tikes 7ft trampoline reduced from £199 to £117. The trampoline was one of the best toys we bought in our family. My son goes on it almost everyday (sometimes only for about 10 minutes but it's great for burning off any excess energy). It's also a good toy to have when you have other children around, as everybody love having a jump - although for safety it's recommended just to have one child on it at a time. 
Also check out the Ben 10 tent
There are also some reductions on some lego sets suitable for 5 year old boys. Building lego sets is a great project for boys to work on - although at age 5 they may need some adult help. After they're built they can have fun playing with them too. 
Here are some top toy offers for August 2011 for 5 year old boys. 
The Vtech Kidizoom is currently reduced from £59.99 to £39.95. Kids will enjoy recording videos, taking photos and editing their creations
There are some top offers on lego on with up to 40% off on the lego featured below. Great little building project for 5 year old boys. 
Uncle Milton Moon in my Room is a cool gift for 5 year old boys to put up in their bedroom. Great for boys who are interested in space. The moon has 12 illuminated lunar phases which can be automatic or manual via the infared remote control. Kids can learn all about the moon with the 15 minute audio CD which is included so it makes a great educational gift too. Currently reduced from £29.99 to £16.99.
If you're looking for the latest hot toys for 5 year old boys you might like the new Fin McMissile Car playset from Cars 2. The Car is a pop open transforming car. It's loaded with top secret spy weapons, has sound effects and firing missiles (3 are included).
Lego is a great toy for 5 year old boys. It keeps them occupied for hours and has so many educational benefits too. It's fantastic for facilitating imaginative and creative play. They can build their own constructions (houses, towers, robots, boats, animals, dinosaurs, trucks, windmills - the  imagination is the limit and play with them for ages afterwards. There are also some great lego sets (fire engines, planes and more - see the sets below). These help develop problem solving skills, concentration skills and give a good sense of achievement when completed too. have some good existing deals on lego which make great gifts. The fire station below is reduced from to £61.99 to £35.94 , the plane was £35.99 and is now £24.95 and the helicopter from £9.99 to £6.69.

Lego Games

Lego games are great. First of all you have to build them, which is  a great activity for 5 year old boys to do (maybe with a bit of adult help). My son loves Shave a Sheep. We had great fun building the sheep, wolf, and dice. My son really enjoyed playing it and wanted to play it again and again. It is quite a simple game but can get quite addictive. You can also change the rules around if you want to. Currently there is 25% off lego games on Shave a Sheep has been reduced from £7.99 to £5.99.

More Construction Toys

You can currently save 38% off citiblocs on This 100 piece high quality wooden block set has blocks which are all the same size. I've not had personal experience with citiblocs but it looks like the type of construction toy which will keep 5 year old boys occupied for hours. Build houses, towers, city blocks, offices, bridges, walls, farms -the imagination is the limit. Great to learn about gravity, weight, balance and stability. 
Galt Connecta Sraws. These straws aren't on offer but they are extremely good value - especially considering the playing time that you get for spending £6.99. My son has played with his set of straws for hours constructing shapes, flowers, windmills, robots, space rockets and houses - again the imagination is the limit. You can get more and more complicated structures including helicopters, animals, dinosaurs and bikes. 
The Vtech Video Camera is an excellent choice of toy for 5 year old boys. It allows them to video family and friends, create their own mini movies and add characters, funny borders and other themes to their films too. You can also play games on the camera. Its shoots 2 megapixel video so isn't high quality but is good enough for 5 year olds to have fun and enjoy. The camera is tough and durable and will withstand most young boys rough play. Currently reduced from £59.99 to £31.38, this is currently an excellent buy - I haven't seen it cheaper anywhere else.

Offers on Lego

Lego is a great toy for 5 year old boys. They can spend hours building creations from their imaginations and then playing with them afterwards. My boy will build all kinds of things with lego sets, robots, cars, houses, different creatures, planes and rockets are some things he has built. You can buy specific lego sets which are designed for kids aged 5 years and up and there are lots of top offers on lego currently available from Buy a lego city passenger plane reduced from £35.99 to £24.34 (aged 5 to 12). A lego city camper van reduced from £14.99 to £11.13. A lego city police boat reduced from £29.99 to £16.89. Click on the pictures below for these and lots more reduced prices.

Piranha Panic Game

Piranha panic game is a fun, quick paced game that 5 year olds will love. Get your fish to the top of the game but beware the marble piranhas can come and knock you out of the way at any time. Excellent reviews on amazon and an excellent price too , currently 
reduced from £16.99 to  £8.75.

Galt Connecta Straws

I've just bought some Galt connect straws for my son. They also have good reviews and should keep 5 year olds occupied for ages builiding constructions. I love construction toys for this age group, great for occupying kids for hours and facilitating creative and imagination play.
A perfect toy for 5 year old boys are the GX Racers. These cars drive at an incredible speed and perform stunts. They can spin, flip and jump up to 10 ft in the air. They are priced at £6.99 each but currently Toys R Us are doing a great promotion, but 1 and get  a 2nd half price. Follow the  link for details of the offer.